Mazandaran Gypsum of Semnan Groups used from exprienced experts and first – rate engineers، as well as the using from advanced machine that these machines match with the existed technology in countries such as Germany، France and Belguim and they conform with world class standards which is unique in its kind. Considering Environmental protection have special importance for Mazandaran Gypsum of Semnan. In this factory is used from Electro-Filter technology to make filters، despite the initial cost of raw material which makes the production of gypsum unit to a green industrial plant by using from this technology ، this factor cause of receiving a tablet (appreciation) for eco- friendly and green industry. This company has succeeded in obtaining the national standards of Iran and Iso 9001 certificate for its customer- oriented and qualitation line- up. This company is ready to produce and supply a variety of gypsum products and various types of gypsum plaster and types of compound gypsums such as، spray Gypsum، Gipton Gypsum، anti- moisture Gypsum and painted plaster and this company ready to negotiate to produce and to supply variate products to their negotiators specially. Company products are available in all parts of Iran and in neighboring countries